General Information

Duty of Candour

Wollaton Park Medical Centre is open and honest with patients when something that goes wrong with their treatment or care causes, or has the potential to cause, harm or distress. This means that we will:

- tell the patient (or, where appropriate, the patient's advocate, carer or family) when something has gone wrong
- apologise to the patient (or, where appropriate, the patient's advocate, carer or family)
- offer an appropriate remedy or support to put matters right (if possible)
- explain fully to the patient (or, where appropriate, the patient's advocate, carer or family) the short and long term effects of what has happened.

Disabled Patients

There is wheelchair access to all facilities in the medical centre.

Easy read leaflet

Teaching and Training

We are a Training Practice. This involves the training of doctors who wish to become GPs. These doctors are fully qualified and are undertaking further training to specialise in General Practice. They are called GP Registrars and work under supervision. Registrars are attached to the practice for 4 - 18 months. Videotaping and audio recording of consultations may take place with your consent. Patient records may be inspected by medical organisations assessing Training Practices. We also regularly have medical students from the University of Nottingham observing the clinical staff as part of their training. Confidentiality is always maintained.

Training Afternoons

Every two months (but sometimes more often) the practice will be closed on a Tuesday afternoon to allow protected training time for the staff. See our latest news page for any upcoming dates for this. This is so staff can keep up to date with changes and developments which affect the practice.  On these afternoons the surgery will be closed from midday and re-open the next day at 8am. Any urgent medical needs will be directed to the out of hour’s service. The phone number for this is - 0115 846 2380. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause, but these sessions are essential to the practice. 

Interpreting Service 

An interpreting service is available free of charge for patients using GP and NHS Hospital Services in England. This includes interpreting for people who are deaf or deaf/blind.

We do not allow children to act as interpreters during your treatment or appointments. 
A member of the Team from the Practice dealing with your treatment or appointment will arrange the interpreter. To make sure we can support you effectively we need you to do certain things so please do let us know you need interpreting help as soon as possible. Preferably, this should be as soon as you make an appointment with your GP.

Temporary Residents

You may consult an NHS Doctor anywhere in the UK if you are away from home and in need of medical attention. You can do this by simply asking to see the nearest GP as a 'Temporary Resident'. We will be happy to see any friends or relatives staying with you if they need a Doctor.

Change of Address

Patients are asked to inform the reception of any changes to your address/telephone number as soon as possible.

How to Register at a New Surgery

If you move out of our practice area or wish to change your Doctors Surgery  for any reason, take your medical card and/or NHS number to the Doctors Surgery of your choice.

Access to Patient Information

Only healthcare professionals within the practice are able to access patient information. Any information requested by a third party will only be processed with a signed statement from the patient involved.A computer is used to retain records and to facilitate some aspects of patient care including recall for screening procedures and printing prescriptions. If you receive a letter from the practice please do not ignore it, we are committed to improving patient care. This practice is registered under the Data Protection Act and you may be sure that all records whether written or computerised are strictly confidential.


All information about patients is confidential, from the most sensitive diagnosis to the simple fact of having visited, or being registered at, a surgery. All patients can expect that their personal information will not be disclosed to anybody without their express permission. The exception to this is in extreme circumstances when somebody is in grave risk of serious harm, and disclosure will protect their health, safety or wellbeing. It may be that in the course of their duty practice staff and attached healthcare professionals will need to access a patient's records but they are all bound by contracts of employment to maintain confidentiality. All healthcare professionals are individually accountable for their actions.

Patient Advice 

Information about you and the care you receive is shared, in a secure system, by healthcare staff to support your treatment and care.

It is important that we, the NHS, can use this information to plan and improve services for all patients. We would like to link information from all the different places where you receive care, such as your GP, hospital and community service, to help us provide a full picture. This will allow us to compare the care you received in one area against the care you received in another, so we can see what has worked best.

Information such as your postcode and NHS number, but not your name, will be used to link your records in a secure system, so your identity is protected. Information which does not reveal your identity can then be used by others, such as researchers and those planning health services, to make sure we provide the best care possible for everyone.

You have a choice. If you are happy for your information to be used in this way you do not have to do anything. If you have any concerns or wish to prevent this from happening, please speak to practice staff or download a copy of the leaflet “How information about you helps us to provide better care” below.

We need to make sure that you know this is happening and the choices you have.

How information about you helps us to provide better care

Care Data - Frequently Asked Questions

You can find out more on the NHS England Care Data Website

Research Site Initiative Scheme

Wollaton Park Medical Centre is working in collaboration with the Clinical Research Network: East Midlands (CRN:EM). The CRN:EM is part of the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and is focused on enhancing and promoting research, ensuring that it is conducted in line with ethical procedures and for patient benefit. There is a local team working within Nottingham City and Nottingham County, facilitating research within primary care. 

Wollaton Park Medical Centre is signed up to a Research Site Initiative Scheme; resulting in them choosing to be involved in appropriate and relevant research studies, focused on enhancing patient care and working on studies that are of particular interest and need for their patient population. The primary care team surpassed recruitment expectations in the financial year of 2014-2015 and this could not have been done without the support of local practices and the engagement from patients in these areas.

Patients could also access the following links for the NIHR (National Institute For Health Research), CRN (Clinical Research Network), ENRICH (Enabling Research in Care Homes) and JDR (Join Dementia Research) : - National Institute for Health Research - Clinical Re‚Äčsearch Network - Enrich (Enabling Research in Care Homes) - Information on Join Dementia Research - promoting Join Dementia Research